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Tourist Union Strumica

Tourist Union - Strumica

Association Tourist Union Strumica - Strumica is an association and a non-profit organization, established for the development of tourism and other complementary sectors on the territory of the Municipality of Strumica and South-East region. The organization is established in accordance with the Law for Associations and Foundations published in the “Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia” No. 52-2010.
The association was established in 2010 and its main goal is to gather relevant stakeholders in the tourism and hospitality industry and other complementary sectors. The aim is to establish cooperation with joint efforts of companies, tourism workers, activists and citizens within the civil society sector and students, with support on a local level (Municipality of Strumica) and on a regional level (Centre for Development of the South-East Planning Region) in order to promote sustainable tourism and create a sustainable tourist destination.
The main objectives of the Association Tourist Union Strumica - Strumica are: development of alternative forms of tourism; promotion of incoming tourism; development of culture and tourism, youth tourism entrepreneurship; and promotion of the tourist products and packages of the tourist destination Strumica.
From its establishment until the present day, the organization conducted independently many projects in the field of tourism, regional marketing, youth entrepreneurship and it was engaged as a partner in the implementation of several regional, national and international projects. The general competences are related to the design and implementation of projects in the field of tourism. More specifically it involves design and development of promotional materials, organisation of various events, promotion of networking, etc. Tourist Union - Strumica successfully implemented several projects in the field of regional economic development funded by the German Agency of International Cooperation (GIZ) and the Centre for Development of the South-East Planning Region.
Tourist Union - Strumica has established successful cooperation with several international institutions and organizations by practising the principles of trust, mutual understanding and friendship. Further, Tourist Union - Strumica has gained significant experience in the field of Project Management and implementation of EU funded projects, especially in IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Programmes. Therefore, it has successfully implemented several projects funded under the Interreg-IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Programme with Bulgaria 2014-2020 and other donors.



BICC Sandanski

Business Information and Consulting Centre - Sandanski

Association Business Information and Consulting Centre – Sandanski (BICC – Sandanski) is a non-governmental organisation with more than 20 years of experience in the business and social development, training and mentoring in entrepreneurship, financial consulting and B2B services. BICC – Sandanski is a membership association. Currently, the organisation has 35 active members which include private entrepreneurs, business organisations, SMEs and people related to the business and economic development in the region. Our main operation area covers the region of Southwest Bulgaria, an area with growing economic and social development. 

BICC provides local companies with business development support, consulting services and international contact. At the same time, the organisation aims to foster cooperation with foreign partners and attract foreign investors in the region. The organisation disseminates targeted information, provides business consulting services, organises various workshops and other capacity building events for SMEs, foster business cooperation both at cross-border and international level by providing support for participation at matchmaking events and other B2B initiatives, etc.

Currently, BICC implements various projects and activities aimed to increase the competitiveness, competencies, skills and knowledge of local companies and entrepreneurs by informing them about current economic and social topics through seminars, training courses, workshops, roundtables, discussion forums, etc.

In 2008, BICC became a part of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) - a European network that involves more than 600 organisations and 4000 skilled professionals from 40 countries.

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