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After the completion of the first phase of the Academy for Young Promoters of Cultural Heritage, the second phase of the Academy for Young Promoters starts these days, which will be held from 22 to 24 October 2020 in Strumica and Dojran. The training will be attended by the best ten participants from the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Northern Macedonia who participate in the first phase of the Academy for Young Promoters "Share the cultural heritage of your region".

The joint training will be realized as a 3-day training, where through the exchange of experiences and networking, and under the mentorship of experts in the field of digital marketing, social media will have the opportunity to review and improve their own videos made within the first training. Academy for Young Promoters - Level 1.

Given the dynamic situation in the country and the uncertainty caused by the spreading of the novel Coronavirus, the training will be conducted in compliance with all preventive measures, following the recommendations of the authorized health authorities. In this connection, personal precautions (masks and/or face shields), disinfectants, disposable gloves, etc. will be provided to all participants. Representatives of the organizers will monitor the keeping of the necessary distance, the regular disinfection, etc.


Online via Zoom, Strumica and Dojran